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Our History

Click here to read how we got our start. From an idea, to a workshop in a kitchen to where we are now. Find out all about your favorite gourmet food company’s start as well as where we are going.
Featured Product - All Balsamic Four Pack

Treat your friends, family and collegues to something special.

Try our "All Balsamic Four Pack" in this tastefully appointed gift pack.

The "All Balsamic Four Pack" includes the following flavors:


These come packaged in an 188 ml bottle.
About John Spenger

Click here to find out about John himself. Find out what it takes to run one of the most successfully growing gourmet companies around. From a small kitchen to selling internationally. John tells all about it!
Become A Reseller

Many, many good states still do not have even one distributor as we have not done any shows in these areas yet. If you want the chance to make more money and get involved in a fun, creative business click here to find out how you can get involved.
Click here to read the FAQs page.
Schedule A Show

Just in! Our lastest dates for all the up-coming shows of the season. Be the first to get your dates that you want.

Click here to view the new schedule.

If your late you could lose your chance at the dates you want.
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